Community Initiatives for Collective Impact (CI4CI)

Testing email 1

Randomization of Questions

Randomize the presentation of questions. Randomly display only one question.

Automatic Redirect

Once your survey is complete, respondents will be directed to the page of your choice.

Survey Panel Integration

Branch to survey complete, terminate survey, and over quota.

Survey Chaining

Use branching to chain surveys from one survey to another.

Compound Branching

Create branching logic that is controlled by the answers to more than one question.

Delayed Branching

Create branching logic that executes at any point in the survey.

Show or Hide Questions

Show or hide a survey question based on single or compound logic.

Show or Hide Answer Options

Breakout session 5

Arvin Garcia and Pam Ignacio with FAJ

Filipino Advocates for Justice

40 years - -founders in college

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Jennifer Phung – Faith in Valley? Or

Our school, our communities campaign is focus now – big

More signatures than ever

“Schools & Communities First”

Srtodo – what campaigns can we run

Census is key (srtod – ask all we interact with – have you completed yes/no and track this

Phone banking

Google Meet might not have virtual backgrounds like Zoom, but it hits all of the other basics, from hosting many multiples of video participants to sharing your screen, that you’d expect from a robust video conferencing platform.